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terimakasih barangnya sudah saya terima dan sudah bisa di pakai....

Samuel Haryono
Terimakasih banyak Pak. Scanner Honda Interface Module nya sudah dapat dioperasikan, ternyata beda kualitasnya dengan scanner HIM dari tempat lain yang pernah saya beli. Semoga sukses Pak, salam.

Bambang Wiyono
Thanks pak alatnya sudah saya terima dan sudah bisa saya pakai

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NAVIGATOR TXTs 26 pin is a powerful multibrand diagnostics and autodiagnostics tool that connects directly to  the vhicle's diagnostic socket, and communicates  via bluetoot with the AXONE 4, AXONE 4 Mini and MULTI PEGASO dispay units, or alternatively with a Window PC. Wireless connectivity means users can carry out diagnostics testing while being free to move around the vehicle and workshop.

NAVIGATOR TXTs can perform all common autodiagnostics tests, including: read and clear errors, display engineering parameters and activation status, set and configure oil change, serviice and airbag  indicator light reset, ECU configuration, keys and remte controls. NAVIGATOR TXTs is compatible with the PASS-THRU protocol*, which allows any workshop to connect to each manufacturer's central server and download software packages or official technical information. The PASS-THRU function can beused whenever needing to update the software on one or more electronic control units, in the event of malfunctions.

*Go to www.texa.com/passthru to verify compatibility and the functions msde available by individual vehicle markers.